Our Voice Is Getting Louder

July 15, 2015

Summer is here, we, and other organisations like us are gearing up for September. We have secured September first for the CN Tower to light up in Gold this year. There will be many other “landmarks” lighting across North America and the world this year in support of all families touched by Childhood Cancer. Thanks to the hard work and determination of other Childhood Cancer advocates and organisations around the world the movement is growing and our voices are getting louder! Keep up the good work people and remember…no one else is going to do this for our children.

We will be launching our 2015 blood campaign on August 26th 2015. I know we are half way through this year and I should have posted this a long time ago but our goal for donations in 2014 was 6500 donations. We encouraged 10061 donations in support of children fighting cancer!! Thanks so much to everyone who donated with our Partners for Life # GOLD013121. What a success. Please continue to support us and donate on a regular basis. We are looking for “Ambassador” families from across Canada. If you are interested in that role please visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/GRCPartnersForLife and send us a private message. We need your help in making our blood drive a success again this year.

It just so happens that today I was in the Cancer Centre here in London doing some work. I haven’t been in there for many years. I couldn’t believe the rush of emotions that hit me as I made my way through the building. Sadness, being full of hope, fear, anger….. It brought back so many memories of the the 30 trips over six weeks we made there for Stephanie’s radiation treatments. Looking For “Nemo” in the aquarium, and her and I going to Crabby Joe’s after her treatment for 25 cent wings. Most of all a profound feeling of love and appreciation that I have for her. It took a lot to keep from breaking down right there in front of my co worker and everyone else. You can look at her and you couldn’t even begin to believe me if I told you what Stephanie has endured over the past 11 years and the brutal side effects she continues to endure to this day to be here with us….you just couldn’t.

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