It Has Been 10 Years Today.

February 23, 2014



Today marks the 10th anniversary of Stephanie’s diagnosis. I will post Pie’s Facebook post from today….it pretty much sums things up.


“Ten years ago life as we knew it was over.
Slumber parties with friends became slumber parties with fellow patients on the floor. The waiting room became our kitchen and those green pull out chairs were never so comfy. The hospital became …our home and everyone there became our family. We were lucky enough to make it through. The road will never end but walking it together and walking it with the best of people by our sides makes it possible. Things were always shitty but we always found a way to have fun with it. I will never forget how the community came together for my family when we needed it.
It has been a decade since my baby sister was diagnosed with her first brain tumour. No matter how fucked up thing got, we stayed together as sisters, we always found a way. And we always will. So glad to have them both with me.” 

You three girls make Mom and I proud. I love you all.


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